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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 27, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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>> mama and honey boo boo. >> we might nee
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, thank you for coming. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for coming tonight. very exciting. i have to tell you something, i'm glad you're in a good mood because you're here on a very good night. very talented musician, josh turner, is with us tonight. as is the exceptionally funny aziz ansari. [ applause ] and even though it isn't christmas, we will be visited by the little girl known as honey boo boo child tonight. [ cheers and applause ] honey boo boo and her mama june are in the building. they have a show in case you don't know on tlc, discovered on the show "toddlers and tiaras,"
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you know, it's funny. if you told me five years ago i'd be interviewing a 7-year-old beauty pageant contestant and her mother, i would have assumed that my show got canceled and i'd fallen on hard times. that's not it is case. we have fallen on very soft times here. honey and mommy boo boo on the local news this morn iing here l.a. on channel 5, ktla, suffice it to say they didn't disappoint. >> she's an everyday child. she goes to public school. we still have fun. last night we was at the walk of fame at the shopping center -- >> did everybody recognize you? >> yes. >> cheese. >> and they recognize her. and they have, like, a water fountain that goes up and she was running through them and, like, 8:00 last night, having the time of her life. everybody was snapping pictures, that was fine. she was running -- being a
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normal 7-year-old child. who would -- >> jimmy: there you go. [ applause ] honey boo boo style. and her mom june. might need to get her some stop-stop juice tonight. so, stay tuned for that. i'm going to try to get those two on "dancing with the stars." wouldn't that be great? it was a big night over at "dancing with the stars" tonight. this year, it's an all-star edition and not only for the dancers, but for the judges, too. tonight, guest judge paula abdul joined len, bruno and carrie ann. no major incident, doing what she does best, judging celebrity competitions for a brief period of time. >> see what the judges thought. >> will the judges please reveal their scores? carrie ann? >> 8. >> len goodman? >> 8. >> paula abdul.
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's boring, that's why she was asleep. you know, before there was ballroom dancing on tv, i used to watch something called football on monday night. a simpler time back when i had body hair. last night the green bay packers beat the houston texans. [ applause ] the real fun happened before the game started, nfl network correspondent ian rappaport was doing pregame filibuster when this happened to his face. >> all of the sudden there have been questions about the defense which is ranked 21st, not having benson is going to hurt. had an interesting talk with offensive coordinator tom -- with -- did you guys just see that football? >> jimmy: let's see that again in slow motion, if we can. because everything is better in slow motion. [ laughter ] he was open. he was open. when you get hit by a ball, you automatically turn into jerry
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lewis, like -- here is another great moment in sports broadcasting this weekend. on friday night, the washington nationals suffered a very tough loss to the st. louis cardinals, the nationals were up 6-0, ended up losing the game in the ninth and getting eliminated from the playoffs. a reporter from the local cbs affiliate in washington, d.c. was tasked with interviews nats fans as they left the stadium. and this is why you should never talk to anyone ever. >> you got somebody to talk to. >> i was hesitant because there was so much swearing and cursing out here, that's how upset the fans are. i trust this fan won't curse or swear on television. >> i'll try. >> how does this fall? >> it really hurts to give up a six-run lead. it's tough -- >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that wasn't me. >> jimmy: a decoy. always a decoy. you have to be careful. in election news, lindsay lohan
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has at long last revealed which presidential candidate she backed. lindsay made the announcement at the mr. pink drink launch party, which is historically where key political endorsements are handed out. >> who are you voting for? >> i just think unmroimeemploym really unimportant, so, as of now, it's mitt romney. as of now. >> jimmy: as of now. as of now. she hits a car with a obama bumper sticker, that could change. gave an endorsement while doing an endorsement. i don't know if that's ever been done before. somebody looked into it as of friday morning lindsay lohan was not registered to vote. but incredibly, still registered to drive. her publicist told "today" she's in the process of registering to vote. she sent in the paperwork. i don't see that happening. could you imagine lindsay lohan waking up early own november 6th and waiting in line at a high school to vote? maybe if she was already passed
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out in the bushes at the high school -- maybe. but even then, i don't -- [ applause ] a new abc news and "the washington post" poll asked voters some very strange questions. about the candidates. among other things they asked voters which candidate they would trust more to babysit their children. 49% of voters said they would rather leave their kids with obama. 36% chose romney and the rest were just like, why are you asking me this? i would probably, if i had to pick, probably obama. i mean, if he -- you know, if you can change joe biden's diaper, you can handle anything with kids. right? yes? [ applause ] another secret service agent ran into trouble with the law. this time in florida. secret service agent named aaron francis engler was found passed out drunk on a miami sidewalk 7:00 a.m., part of the advanced security team for the
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president's visit to miami last week. once the president left he went out for a drink or ten or something like that. it started eed to sound like t are recruiting these guys at bachelor parties in las vegas. when the police tried to arrest him he resisted, even hit one officer on the chin, charged with misdemeanor disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. bright side, he was too drunk to get a hooker. so -- um -- baby steps, i think they call them, right? this is a scary video. the subject of this video is a b.a.s.e. jumper, taping a stunt for a norwegian tv show called "normal madness." i guess the idea was, he would get momentum for this jump by spinning around on a high bar and, in a way, he did. >> woo! >> jimmy: well, how did you think it was going to end? [ applause ] that's what happens when you do
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stupid things. miraculously, he survived. his parachute opened before he hit the ground, which -- i don't know, i think is a bad example. lesson for people watching this video is, don't ever do that, not, it all worked out fine. it should be, they are still finding parts of him in norway, sweden and finland. did you see the guy sky dive from space yesterday? [ applause ] this is a daredevil named felix baumgartner. which is a weird name for -- we used to have evel knievel. now felix baumgartner. his nickname is fearless felix. and yesterday, he proved it by jumping out of a balloon 24 miles up. he took it up to the edge of space and jumped. no one has ever jumped from that high before. they said it was the biggest freefall since facebook went public with their stock. they said felix set the record for -- [ applause ] the highest manned balloon
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flight, highest altitude jump and the first person to break the sound barrier with his body. 8 million people watched it on the web yesterday. the biggest live video event in youtube history and in case you didn't see it, here is fearless felix in action. >> all right, stand up on the exterior step. keep your head down. release the helmet tiedown strap. start the cameras. >> woo! oh my god it's still going! ahh! >> jimmy: turns out in space everyone can hear you scream. you know, before -- [ applause ] felix and his like, people used to fly through space in something called a shuttle. "endeavour" spent the weekend driving slowly through the streets of l.a. to its new home
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at the california science center. it is going to remain there permanently, or at least until a scrappy 8-year-old and his dog sidekick take it and go on an amazing adventure. it took the shuttle three days to go 12 miles, it was more than 15 hours late. that has to be depressing. from 25,000 miles an hour in space to 3 miles an hour past a bunch of cupcake shops on the way to downtown l.a. quite a spectacle. not every day you see a space shuttle rolling down the street. and so, to record it for posterity, we asked our friend corey, who plays chewbacca on hollywood boulevard, to check it out for us. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: did you have a good time this weekend? >> yeah. this woman fed me moon pies. >> jimmy: what? >> a woman fed me moon pies. >> jimmy: a woman fed you moon pies. >> yeah. >> jimmy: have you ever seen a space shuttle before this? >> ah, only that time on "spongebob square pants, li"
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like -- >> jimmy: there was a time -- >> a long time ago. back when i was still a baby. >> jimmy: i see. if you ever got the chance to go into space, would you? >> you know, i usually don't go much higher than like the trampoline takes me. >> jimmy: okay. >> because if you make a mistake that's it for you. you're dead. >> jimmy: right. what are we going to see in your report tonight? what can you tell us about it? >> basically like i just go down there and there's this space shuttle that's rolling around. and i just talk about it and i asked people questions. about the space shuttle. >> jimmy: okay. with that said, here is corey chewbacca with the corey chewbacca report. >> the corey chewbacca report with corey chewbacca. >> i guess we're just going to go talk to some of these people and see what they got to say. can you go into detail about your feelings when you take a look at this majestic, gentle
12:14 am
giant of a spacecraft? can talk about your feelings? >> it's absolutely fabulous. the thing that many people don't know is gene cernan -- >> how does it compare to jumping on the trampoline? >> jumping on a thrampoline? no comparison. >> which is funner? if you had a trampoline here and a spaceship which one -- >> why not have both? do i have to choose? >> no, that's a rule. >> the rule? >> you got to choose. >> i'm in outer space right with you. >> oh, no, i'm on the trampoline. >> i'm in outer space. >> so you're from ghana? >> yeah, from ghana. g-h-a-n-a. >> so you're going to go to space? get it? >> yeah. >> little joke of mine, i just made that up. >> okay, i know that. >> popped in my head. >> that's good. >> hi. i just want to tell you, you look just like my friend yoda. >> yeah. >> spaceship update.
12:15 am
it's moving. it's on the move. i've made a friend here at space 2012. who would have thought that me and this dog would have such a bond? this is what happens when you're at space, so -- yeah. hey, do you want to go to outer space? >> ah, you know what? >> i can see you up there. >> i bet you can. i can see you up there, too, buddy. i can see -- >> in fact, it looks like they could have left you behind. >> look at you now. yeah, you better be [ bleep ], because i'll step on your [ bleep ] foot. >> the spaceship has begun its ascent down sepulveda boulevard. that means that all the pigeons must clear out, otherwise they'll be harmed and they must come back tomorrow. so, that's the news here at space day, spaceship day. spaceship. >> jimmy: space shuttle. thank you, corey. give our best to the rest of the
12:16 am
chewbacca family. that's corey, he plays chewbacca outside. hey, we have a good show for you tonight. honey boo boo and her mama june are here. we have music from josh turner. and we'll be right back with aziz ansari, so stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] prepare yourself for the feeling of more water without using more water. with the unique wave pattern of delta h2okinetic technology. another way delta is more than just a shower. see what delta can do.
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he shoots... he scores!!! touchdown!! [ imitates crowd cheering ] strike! [ male announcer ] shop now. get the hottest toys on your list today, like furby and the itikes discover map... then put it on layaway so you have more time to pay. walmart. >> jimmy: hi there. tonight on the program, a young lady who has the world by a stran string of cheese. her show on tlc is called "here comes honey boo boo," alana "honey boo boo" thompson and her mama june are with us. and then with music from this album called "live across america," the return of josh
12:20 am
turner from the bud light stage. tomorrow night -- who is here tomorrow night? oh, the great and powerful don rickles, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars" and our musical guest is miguel. and later this week, matthew fox, joel mchale, emily vancamp and music from paul weller and joe walsh. and i have a program reminder, we're taking the show on the road to brooklyn october 29th through november 2nd. we will be broadcasting from the beautiful brooklyn academy of music. and i'm pleased to announce, some of our guests for the week include howard stern, chris rock, tracy morgan, kelly ripa, jon stewart, stephen colbert, and david letterman. [ cheers and applause ] that will be a big deal. and then, alicia keys, the avett brothers, sharon jones and the dap kings and vampire weekend on halloween night. those will be our musical guests and we'll have some special surprise guests, too, which means we haven't figured all of it out yet. again, that starts on monday october 29th, our week in my birthplace, brooklyn, new york.
12:21 am
i might actually watch that week. our first guest is a very funny and splendidly-dressed man. his show is called "parks and recreation." it airs thursdays at 9:30 on nbc. please say hello to aziz ansari. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> hi, how are you? >> jimmy: good to see you. and, i will say, i think this is kind of a great thing. i always imagine doing something like this, but i've never done it. going to another country and doing comedy shows in another country, which you just did in australia. >> i was just in australia for a week. it was fun. >> jimmy: how did it go? where did you go? >> melbourne, brisbane and sydney. and it went really well. i got pretty comfortable there. i started doing an australian accent sometimes and people didn't notice. >> jimmy: oh, that's nice. >> drop us off at the corner mate. we'll be good. and no one thought it was racist.
12:22 am
and i didn't think it was racist, but i thought about it, kind of interesting, because if an australian person was in india, i would say, shut your mouth, man! do not speak like that for another second, i will hit you in the face. but i can do whatever accent i want. >> jimmy: that's nice. you performed at the beautiful sydney opera house. did you eat at the -- you're a real foodie, i know. >> i am into food. >> jimmy: you love food. >> as do you. >> jimmy: you're from south carolina. what do you miss most from your hometown? >> i miss a lot of home cooking that i used to have in the south. i used to miss chick-fil-a, but then they started this controversy, put me in quite a conundrum. look, i'm very pro gay marriage, okay? >> jimmy: okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. but i'm also very pro delicious chicken sandwich. [ laughter ] what do you do?
12:23 am
i mean, at this point, why is anyone against gay marriage? you know you're going to lose. you know you're on the wrong side of things. these are the same people that didn't want women to vote, that didn't want black guys to play football. what was the last thing they were opposed to? interracial relationships. if you're opposed to that guess what? i'm [ bleep ] white girls, there's nothing you can do about it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations. >> look. every time i have sex with a white girl, i think about those people for a few bumps, because it's amazing. it's just not right. well, it's in there so i don't know -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, no -- >> anyone here, any time you have sex with someone of a different race, think about that for a moment because -- nothing feels better than orgasming while thinking about all the progress we've made with civil rights in this country.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: that's true. like a double whammy. so, how did you resolve this situation? do you still eat at the chick-fil-a? >> i don't. i don't eat anymore but i have a friend who is gay, and i said, are you still going to eat chick-fil-a? and he was like, yeah, i don't care. [ laughter ] that is such an interesting commentary on america. that for some gay americans it's harder to find a delicious chicken sandwich than it is to find equality. because there's so much inequality in the quality of the chicken sandwiches in the fast food marketplace. some people may say hey, why doesn't he just get a burger king chicken sandwich? no, they are like civil unions and they are not the real thing. you need the real deal, aka gay marriage, aka chick-fil-a. >> jimmy: pickles and whole deal. >> that's the only reason there's a controversy, because it is delicious. that's the only reason anyone cares. no one would be talking about this if it was long john silver's. no one would care. [ applause ]
12:25 am
>> jimmy: you're probably right. >> it's a nonissue. >> jimmy: you were tweeting and -- at -- i don't know if that's the proper way, you were tweeting to arnold schwarzenegger a couple of weeks ago, i think, right? >> yes. i was. and it caught his attention. >> jimmy: yes. tell me about that. >> it caught his attention. i got invited to the book party for his new biography "total recall." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> because he did a movie called "total recall." >> jimmy: oh, is that why they named it that? >> yes. i'm going to entitle my biography "kindergarten cop." even though i have nothing to do with that. >> jimmy: did he invite you to the party? some of his staff called -- >> didn't get a call from arnold. someone was like, he saw the tweets, he thought it was really funny, would love for you to come. >> jimmy: what were you saying on the tweets? >> weird references, i saw this man made of liquid metal leaving a steel mill, direct message me immediately!
12:26 am
>> jimmy: and then this led up to this photograph, which this was at the book party, i assume? >> me and arnold. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: does he -- did he know you? >> um, he -- he knew me from the tweets, i think. >> jimmy: so he reads these tweets himself? >> i guess so. >> jimmy: what did he say to you when you met him? >> we had a very brief conversation. this is literally the conversation, okay? first off, at the event, they had arnold schwarzenegger-themed cocktails, so, they had a "terminator" cocktail, which was just green. that made it "terminator" like. and they had a "total recall" cocktail. so that was like weird enough and then i got there to meet him and he was like, good to meet you, i saw the tweets, they're hilarious. and, you know, on "parks and rec," rob lowe is on the cast and rob was like, aziz, tell him
12:27 am
i would have love to come to the party, i have to fly to new york, please let him know. i was like, yes, definitely. i told arnold, oh, and rob lowe, i was shooting with him and he told me to say, you know, he's so sorry he couldn't be here, he had to fly to new york tonight and he just said, i know! and i was like, okay. well, i have to go order a "jingle all the way," i'll see you. >> jimmy: we'll take a break. aziz ansari is here. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] ever hear of the angel's share? it's the bourbon lost to evaporation as it ages. but this story has two sides. this is the devil's cut: a more intense bourbon trapped in the barrel wood... that we found a way to unlock. the result is a smooth, slightly sinister, bourbon...
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>> jimmy: well, hi there, we're back with aziz ansari. still to come, honey boo boo and mama june, too. and josh turner, as well. are you still shooting "parks and recreation" right now? >> yeah, we're shooting season five now, i think. it's crazy. >> jimmy: you were able to take a break when you went to australia from the show and you're back to work today? >> yeah, we're back filming today. >> jimmy: did you remember to tell arnold schwarzenegger that rob lowe -- you know, i
12:37 am
have a feeling that maybe rob lowe told 12 people to tell the governor that he couldn't make it to the party, maybe you were, like, 11th or something. >> i know. >> jimmy: the only real explanation. >> he ruined my arnold conversation. i could have pitched him "jingle all of the way 2." >> jimmy: do you watch the show "here comes honey boo boo?" >> i haven't seen it. someone's like, what? you haven't seen it? yes, i haven't seen it. [ laughter ] but i have heard it's quite a phenomenon. i know she's from the south and i guess she does these beauty pageants and stuff. it's kind of interesting because i grew up in the south as well. and i used to do a little modeling. >> jimmy: that's why i -- >> pageant-type work when i was young as well. >> jimmy: i thought it was surprising that you had heard of the show, not watching the show, i mean, based on the photographs of you. >> that was in the past, but yeah, i used to kill it. >> jimmy: how old are you in this picture?
12:38 am
>> this is, i'm like 6. >> jimmy: what is that outfit that you're wearing? [ cheers and applause ] >> they give me this tuxedo, put this on and i said, it's not mine until they put diamonds on the lapels. >> jimmy: and this is from, i think you're maybe a little older. >> this is a little midwestern shoot we did. fantastic stuff. i love studs, diamonds, anything shiny. i was really into that. >> jimmy: is that a cowboy hat with a tiara attached to the top? >> oh yeah it is. >> jimmy: all right. we have this. this is a very elegant one. >> i won, i got mr. ethnic. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mr. ethnic pageant? >> yeah. i would just crush it because it was all white kids and like who will we give mr. ethnic to? >> jimmy: you. >> how about the little brown boy who looks like the most adorable piece of caramel ever?
12:39 am
>> jimmy: and then, this is not -- this picture is not from a pageant, but this is -- >> this is an advertisement from vespa, high-concept shoot. this is rhianna in the back. >> jimmy: that's rihanna in the back? >> ri-ri. >> jimmy: you guys go way back. remarkable. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, it's great to see you. thank you for coming. "parks and recreation" is the name of the show. it airs thursday nights at 9:30 on nbc. aziz ansari, everyone. we'll be right back with honey boo boo and her mother, june. go! go out tonight - be social! then stay in tomorrow.
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>> jimmy: our next guests have propelled themselves to fame fueled by a combination of go-go juice and good old-fashioned
12:49 am
american values. their show on tlc is called "here comes honey boo boo." please welcome the pride of mcintyre, georgia, june and alana, better known as mama and honey boo boo. [ cheers and applause ] >> wave hi. >> jimmy: everyone is excited that you're here. which one of you is honey boo boo and which one is mama? just so -- >> that's mama and i'm honey boo boo. >> jimmy: you like being called honey boo boo or do you prefer being called by your real name? >> both of them. >> jimmy: you like both of them? do you have other nicknames besides honey boo boo? >> yes. >> jimmy: what are your other nicknames? >> one is smokey and one's tasty. >> jimmy: and who gives these nicknames, mom?
12:50 am
>> the reason is because when i was -- when i was little i used to stutter. >> jimmy: you used to stutter? >> i used to say a lot of -- >> jimmy: and you got this as your nickname. did you like that nickname? >> yes. >> jimmy: you did? okay. a lot of nicknames in your family. let me go through some of them. now, alana, your dad is sugar bear, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: who named him sugar bear? >> when i met him years ago, i mean, i just, i don't know, i can't remember now, it's been over nine years. i don't know why. >> i know why. >> jimmy: why, alana? >> because he's sweet and because he's a bear. >> jimmy: all right. you got chickadee, which is anna. >> anna. the reason why we call her that because she's a chicken. >> jimmy: she's a chicken. okay. jessica, her nickname is chubs. she's a 15-year-old girl, i'm
12:51 am
guessing she -- >> she's 16 now. >> jimmy: i see. does she like that nickname? >> yes. >> jimmy: she does? okay. lauren is pumpkin. >> the reason why we call her pumpkin, yeah. >> jimmy: good enough reason. new baby, congratulations, caitlin has no nickname yet. you have come up with a nickname for her? >> no. >> jimmy: who will give her the nickname? >> don't do that on your mike, please. >> jimmy: she's your baby, you're saying? you're taking her over as your own baby? >> yep. >> jimmy: yep. okay. and, now, how come you don't have a nickname? >> for the television series, more like coupon queen because of the coupons. >> jimmy: you collect coupons. >> and she's a queen. >> jimmy: and you're the queen of it. of the coupons. and this is something that you're still doing? because now the show is very successful. >> yes, unfortunately, because
12:52 am
of her schedule, i don't get to coupon like i did every day, but when i do get to, oh, yeah, i coupon a lot. >> jimmy: is it something that do you specifically to save money? or do you do it because i like doing it? >> it's kind of like an addictive drug for me. i mean, because it really, you save money for your family and that's what we're all about. i could be a multimillionaire and still save money for my family and get the best deal for my family. >> jimmy: i have a feeling you are going to be multimillionaires. >> maybe. >> jimmy: i looked it up, i was curious to compare -- are you a "star trek" fan? [ laughter ] i looked it up and i was interested in -- [ laughter ] >> stop. jk you know -- you watch the show. you guys watch other reality shows?
12:53 am
>> a few, "cake boss," jessica loves. >> jimmy: you watch the kardashians ever? >> no. >> jimmy: you don't ever watch them? because they're making millions of dollars and your show is just about as popular as theirs is. >> yes. >> jimmy: are you making millions of dollars, too? >> no. we actually just started out, so, you don't make millions when you first start out. >> jimmy: i would like to be your agent and negotiate for you. >> no, i am the agent and manager and all. >> jimmy: all of that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's why you're not making millions of dollars. >> but i know what's best for my kids. i love to be around my kids and all about my kids, that's why i chose to put money in the trust fund. >> jimmy: you are loving with your kids. >> this journey may last six months or a year but i don't want ten years down the road alana or the kids to be, um, kinds to be thinking, oh, my god, i have nothing to show for it. i wanted to put it in trust funds very equally for all of the kids, so most of the money
12:54 am
is there and other money goes to our community outreach programs like the brand that we raise for the anti-bullying -- [ applause ] and thanks to the fans, we have raised $3,228 as of today. >> jimmy: seems like -- >> they're very supportive. >> jimmy: what about you? do you get an allowance? do you get money? are you able to spend any of the money you make from the show? >> yes. >> jimmy: how much allowance do you get? >> not really allowance but she'll go to the store. >> if i want to go to the store and use my own money. >> jimmy: what do you buy at the store? >> well, i buy some candy. >> jimmy: candy, yeah. >> something to eat. >> jimmy: do you know the people -- did you know that people are going to be dressing like you guys for halloween? >> yeah. our fans have said we need do a honey boo boo style contest for halloween on our facebook page. and, you know, we like seeing people that, you know, you know --
12:55 am
>> jimmy: do you want some water? you can have it if you want. now, when people -- will people come to your house for halloween trick or treating? >> no. we have a hayride that we do every year. [ laughter ] >> what? i don't know. >> you better red neck-ognize! >> jimmy: i have a question for you. do you know who mitt romney is? >> no. >> jimmy: do you know who barack obama is? >> the president? >> jimmy: he's the president, yes. they asked on the "kelly & michael show" they asked mitt romney if he preferred snooki or honey boo boo. do you know what he said? he said he preferred snooki. now i have to ask you, who will you support for president, mitt romney or barack obama? >> who said that? >> jimmy: mitt romney said that.
12:56 am
>> barack obama. >> jimmy: so you're supporting barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] is there any way that mitt romney can win your vote back? is there anything he could do for you that would get you to vote for him assuming you can vote at 7 years old? [ laughter ] no? nothing. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: did you hear about that? >> i don't really listen to a lot of the media. a lot of times -- i didn't know we beat the republican convention, we tied the democratic -- didn't know anything about that. she's looking at the camera. >> jimmy: you looking at yourself on television? >> yes. she did at ktla this morning. >> jimmy: we saw that. you like being on television? >> yes! >> jimmy: you do. well, obviously you like watching yourself on television. >> honey boo boo! >> jimmy: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> tell him what you want to be
12:57 am
when you grow up. >> so many things. >> jimmy: you pick as many as you want. >> golly. >> jimmy: what's the number one thing you want to be when you grow up? >> a teach er, a mama and a nurse. >> jimmy: a what? >> a teacher and mama and a nurse. >> jimmy: a teacher a mama and a nurse. that's pretty good. you don't like music? you have been up a long time today, haven't you? it's been a long day. >> she's a mess. >> jimmy: yeah, well, i don't blame her. i wouldn't have wanted to be here when i was 7 either. so you're having fun -- are you having fun with your life? >> are you having fun? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay. >> is it hot? >> jimmy: have you ever felt water before? [ laughter ] well, i know it's late for you and the whole hand's in the water now. would anyone like a drink?
12:58 am
well, thank you so much for coming by. very interesting to meet you guys. an all-new "here comes honey boo boo" special premieres in january on tlc. honey boo boo and mama june. we'll be right back with josh turner. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us?
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>> jimmy: this is his new album, it's called "live across america." here with the song "your man," josh turner! ♪ ♪ baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low put some music on that's soft and slow ♪ ♪ baby, we ain't got no place to go i hope you understand i've been thinking ♪
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♪ 'bout this all day long never felt a feeling quite this strong i can't believe ♪ ♪ how much it turns me on just to be your man there's no hurry don't you worry ♪ ♪ we can take our time come a little closer let's go over what i had in mind ♪ ♪ baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low put some music on that's soft and slow ♪ ♪ baby, we ain't got no place to go i hope you understand i've been thinking ♪ ♪ 'bout this all day long never felt a feeling quite this strong
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i hope you understand ♪ ♪ i've been thinking 'bout this all day long never felt a feeling that was quite this strong ♪ ♪ i can't believe how much it turns me on just to be your man i can't believe ♪ ♪ how much it turns me on just to be your man ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: josh turner's new album is called "live across america." you can see a bonus song at


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